Astrolabe glacier
Field data website of the Astrolabe glacier, Terre Adélie, Antarctica
Astrolabe glacier

Welcome to the Astrolabe website designed in order to:
1 - Describe the field activities and the scientific interests of the glacier;
2 - Make the field data available to the scientific community.
The left panel gives you access to different informations regarding scientific activities carried out over the glacier. The webmap tab is a map-based synthesis summarizing the different available data. Downloadable data are accessible via the corresponding tab.

Different views of the Astrolabe glacier. Photos E. Le Meur.

Supporting agencies

The proposed field activities started in the frame of the DACOTA program funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, ANR-06-VULN-016-01 program). Following the end of this first program, a second one (SUMER project ANR-12-BS06-0018) still funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche has recently taken over.
All field activities are supported by the Institut polaire français Paul-Émile Victor (IPEV).

More information on the scientific project can be found on the following page.

The program involves a strong collaboration with the following partners:

Available data

On this website, you will find field data output from different kinds of survey :
- A GPS permanent network, showing the speed of the glacier and its deformation;
- GPS points followed to detect the tidal forcing;
- Airborne and ground radar data, measuring the thickness of the ice;
- Temperature data along a vertical profile.
For airborne radar data, only the traces of the aircraft can be shown online, but complete data can still be downloaded.

All the data can be downloaded here.

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Astrolabe glacier

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