Astrolabe glacier
Field data website of the Astrolabe glacier, Terre Adélie, Antarctica
Astrolabe glacier
Description : radar points (ground)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) measurements were acquired along several-km long profiles (see location on the webmap with a MALÅ® ProEx GPR system connected to a 50 MHz Rough Terrain Antenna, which was towed by the operator on the ground. Measurements were acquired with a common offset of 4 m between the transmitter and the receiver antennas. The acquisition triggering, which was fixed to 5 m for all profiles, was automatically controlled using a calibrated encoder wheel and then repositioned thanks to GPS measurements, which allow deriving topography information. Data were acquired with a sampling frequency of 648 MHz over a 12.8 μs time window, and stacked 32 times. More information can be found in Le Meur et al., 2013.


Le Meur, E., M. Sacchettini, S. Garambois, E. Berthier, A. S. Drouet, G. Durand, D. Young, et al. « Two independent methods for mapping the grounding line of an outlet glacier – example from the Astrolabe Glacier, Terre Adélie, Antarctica ». The Cryosphere Discussions 7, no 4 (8th august 2013): 3969-4014. doi:10.5194/tcd-7-3969-2013.

Left: Ground radar acquisition on the Astrolabe glacier. Photo V. Favier. Right: Ice-bedrock interface measured by GPR. (From Le Meur et al., 2013).


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Astrolabe glacier

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