Astrolabe glacier
Field data website of the Astrolabe glacier, Terre Adélie, Antarctica
Astrolabe glacier
Surface mass balance

Surface mass balance (SMB) data are from the GLACIOCLIM SurfAce Mass Balance of Antarctica (GLACIOCLIM-SAMBA) observatory, which is a French observation system to monitor the surface mass balance of various glaciers in the world and understand how it relates to climate variability and change. The Antarctic initiaive is founded by the French Polar Institute (IPEV), Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers (INSU), CNRS and Joseph Fourier University. data are freely available on this page.

Please keep us informed of your uses of the GLACIOCLIM-SAMBA data (contact). In case of data use for publications, please acknowledge GLACIOCLIM-SAMBA observatory for providing data. This is important for the long-term survival of the observatory.


2004 - 2010

Astrolabe glacier

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